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Samantha Lisk 10Samantha Lisk 10 
Hello All,

I'm setting up Embedded Services Chat. Is there a way to override the

parameters so that instead of text being displayed, an icon is displayed instead? For example, instead of 

we would have 

. I've looked in the documentation and don't see any parameters like this, so would we have to build a LWC to override the default 

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Samantha Lisk 10Samantha Lisk 10

Thanks, @Abhishek. It turns out that I was able to do this via styling. For anyone who has a similar issue, here is the styling that worked for me:

<style type='text/css'>
              .embeddedServiceHelpButton .helpButton .uiButton {
                background-color: #FFA400;
                border-radius: 50%;
                min-width: 5em;
               margin: 0 15px 15px 0;
              .embeddedServiceHelpButton .helpButton .uiButton:focus {
                outline: 1px solid #FFA400;
                border-radius: 50%;
                min-width: 5em;
              .embeddedServiceHelpButton .helpButton {
                margin: 0 15px 25px 0;
              .embeddedServiceHelpButton .helpButton .uiButton .embeddedServiceIcon {
                margin: auto;
              .embeddedServiceHelpButton .embeddedServiceIcon::before {
               font-size: 2.5em;
              .embeddedServiceHelpButton .helpButton .uiButton .helpButtonLabel {
                display: none;
             .embeddedServiceLiveAgentStateChatAvatar.isLightningOutContext .agentIconColor0 {
                background-color: #84bd00;
Image attached for reference.
Circular orange chat button with large embedded service icon centered
Dan GetzDan Getz 
I created a free Developer Edition (DE) account to just get OAuth with Salesforce working. I would like to work on some of the Trailhead lessons, but want to do so in a different environment / org. I've seen that you can have multple DE's, but I can't figure out how to set that up. What am I missing?

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Bryan JamesBryan James
Hi Dan,
The only thing that needs to be different when setting up a second org is the username. You want to register the new dev org using the same email address or another valid one that you can use to activate things like your org and when enabling domains and lightning experience.

You can use this link (https://developer.salesforce.com/signup) (https://developer.salesforce.com/signup) to go and sign up for a new developer org at any time. There is no limit to how many you can have.
Sohan ShirodkarSohan Shirodkar 
I have used case-assignment rules to assign cases automatically to the right user/queue based on certain conditions. 

Recently I was going through Trailhead content on omni-channel and various routing mechanisms (skill based, queue based). Following statement from trailhead confuses me : "Omni-Channel always assigns cases to the right support agents, and customers are happy with customer service. ".

If we already have case-assignment rules in place, why do we need omni-channel queue based routing? How are the two things different?
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SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Sohan,

A case assignment rule in Salesforce.com is really a grouping of rules that will help you automatically assign cases throughout your support organization based on criteria captured on the case records. Each assignment rule can have multiple rule entries.

In Omni-Channel, work items are automatically routed or “pushed” to agents who are assigned to the appropriate queue. Incoming work items are routed to the agent with the least amount of open work. When work items all consume 1 capacity, the agent with the lowest number of work items receives incoming work.

Kindly let me know if it helps you and close your query by marking it as solved so that it can help others in the future.


Hello Everyone,


Does anyone know if its possible to bring the translated value of a Picklist field in a Text Formula Field.


I currently have a status picklist field in Object A. Object B is a detail of Object A and I need to display the value of the status field in Object B.


I need to support multiple languages, however, when using translations the picklist label translates perfectly at the Object A level but the child records of Object B display the original value.


I guess formula fields always retrieve the master labels, is there anyway to get around this in order to get the translated value?


Thanks in advance!

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I think this is an idea for this type of problem faced by another person. You can go and promote the idea and may be in the subsequent releases this may be released as a feature.


The following was the response to such a post:-


I have investigated this request 
and have found that there is no practical
way of returning the translated value in the
formula field using the standard
functionality of Salesforce.

Something you could look into
would be to use a trigger to return
the translated value by incorporating
the function mentioned on this page:



Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.

Chris Allen 34Chris Allen 34 
Good Morning,

I am trying to create a formula field "Total Health Score" where If the score is 1 - 4.75 = Good, 5 - 6.75 = okay and 7-10 = At Risk with colored Flags Red, Green and Yellow. I created the picklist field called "Total Customer Health Score" with At Risk, Good, and Okay. I am having trouble with if it is zero, then a green flag show. How would I either show a different flag or something else or not show anything if it is zero. Here is my formula I have now:

Total_Customer_Health_Score__c  <= 4.75 ,
IMAGE('/img/samples/flag_green.gif','Green Flag'),
Total_Customer_Health_Score__c  <= 6.75,
IMAGE('/img/samples/flag_yellow.gif','Yellow Flag'),
Total_Customer_Health_Score__c   >= 7,
IMAGE('/img/samples/flag_red.gif', 'Red Flag'),
Total_Customer_Health_Score__c = 0,
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Sai PraveenSai Praveen (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Chris,

Can you try the formula as below.
AND(Total_Customer_Health_Score__c  <= 4.75 , Total_Customer_Health_Score__c !=0),
IMAGE('/img/samples/flag_green.gif','Green Flag'),
AND(Total_Customer_Health_Score__c  <= 6.75,Total_Customer_Health_Score__c >4.75) ,
IMAGE('/img/samples/flag_yellow.gif','Yellow Flag'),
Total_Customer_Health_Score__c   >= 7,
IMAGE('/img/samples/flag_red.gif', 'Red Flag'),

Let me know if you face any syntax issues .

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Todd DeRosa 4Todd DeRosa 4 
I tested this with a fresh developer instance.  Install financial service cloud, then create a person account...all is good.  Then go to package manager and create a namespace, try to create, or update a person account (or any account) and you get: FinServ.AccountTrigger: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: FinServ.MoiExceptionWrapper.ValidationException: Your account record type is missing, a duplicate, or invalid. Ask your admin to check the individual record type configurations in Setup. (FinServ)
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Michael J SturgisMichael J Sturgis
We are having the same issue.  Prior to adding the Namespace, creating (or editing) an Account or Contact Record in Financial Service Cloud was not an issue. As soon as we added the Namespace, we have been unable to Create or Edit Account or Contact Records.  We've created a Package for GA and are on hold penidng resolution of this issue.  We spun up another Financial Service Cloud Dev Org and ran into the same issue.
SFDC coderSFDC coder 
Hi all,

While exploring the salesforce features i came across supoort process
  1. Support processes are used to add or remove the status values of cases
  2. After a support process has been created its assigned to a record type
Now my confusion  is ,why  are we  using support processes to add/remove the picklist values? as It can also be achieved when creating record types.
Record types allow us to customize the picklist values then why wud we use this solution process feature?

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Support Process is only for the "Status" picklist, as you might know. The picklist values available in the status of a case record type determine a support process. It is only a business relevant feature as the status field is the most process-specific field on a case. The status field cannot be customized on a record type, it can only be customized in a support process.

James WróbelJames Wróbel 
Hi, I am currently setting up Webchat to use on an external website. I have run through the chat deployment tasks and completed them as required. I have obtained the code snippet(s) to add to a webpage in order to show the chat window but nothing is displayed. I have checked the page source, everything looks as it should be. I have inspected the elements and can see the deployment id etc. The external website has been added to the CORS list. I'm not sure if I have missed a step. Thanks.
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SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI James,
Are you saying chat button is not visible at all? Have you tested that the chat functionality works on your internal salesforce org?

Incase it is working within Salesforce via a Visualforce Page, Community, or Basic HTML Doc((Only including Chat Button and Deployment Code or standard Embedded Web Service code snippet that doesn't have custom components configured) we can narrow down that its an issue with external website and not salesforce's.

If so, recommend placing the Embedded Web Service code in an iframe to isolate the component from framework libraries or other Javascript/CSS that may be causing problem

See doc

If this information helps, please mark the answer as best. Thank you
hemanth tanguturi 5hemanth tanguturi 5 
What is meant by sandbox refresh time interval?
does it mean the time taken to complete the refresh from prod to test?
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Srinivas SSrinivas S
Hi Hemanth,

You will see the following types of sandboxes in production -
  1. Developer
  2. Developer Pro
  3. Partial Data
  4. Full Copy
Once you refresh the Developer Sandbox then to refresh it one more time you have to wait for 1 Day.
Once you refresh the Developer Pro Sandbox then to refresh it one more time you have to wait for 1 Day.
Once you refresh the Partial Data Sandbox then to refresh it one more time you have to wait for 5 Days.
Once you refresh the Full Copy Sandbox then to refresh it one more time you have to wait for 29 Days.

Note: It is not the time taken to copy the contents from production to sandbox which will vary based on your production data and configuration.

- Please mark as solution if your problem is resolved.



I have a Picklist in which one of the fields is "Error". On a user changing form fields and choosing to choose a different picklist value I want a validation rule to check the previous value of the picklist field and to only allow certain values to be picked if previously at "Error".  I have tried the following.


OR(AND(PRIORVALUE(Request_Status__c)='Error' , Request_Status__c<>'Draft Request'),AND(PRIORVALUE(Request_Status__c)='Error' , Request_Status__c<>'Endorse'))


I receive an error as follows:

Error: Field Request_Status__c is a picklist field. Picklist fields are only supported in certain functions. Tell me more


The "Tell me More" link brings me to teh following article  https://avaya--c4rdev.cs12.my.salesforce.com/help/doc/user_ed.jsp?loc=help&target=tips_on_building_formulas.htm%23picklists_and_msps&section=Customizing


In which it states "

  • PRIORVALUE(Only in assignment rules, validation rules, workflow field updates, and workflow rules in which the trigger type is set to Every time a record is created or edited)"

I do want this to run though every time an edit occurs though so figured it should work.


Does anyone happen to know from looking at the above what I may be doing wrong and a way to get around this?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,


Since you are using a picklist, you should use ISPICKVAL in your validation rule.  Also, you will need to rewrite your rule a little bit.  It looks like your rule is trying to say "If the previous value of Request_Status__c was Error, then the new value cannot be Draft or Endorse."  


If that is the case, your rule should look something like this:


ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(Request_Status__c),"Error"), NOT(ISPICKVAL(Request_Status__c,"Draft Request"))

ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(Request_Status__c),"Error"), NOT(ISPICKVAL(Request_Status__c,"Endorse")))



I hope this helps.