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parag r 4parag r 4 
I am using jitterbit to do upsert to salesforce object
When I try to upsert, i keep getting message 
The operation "Upsert Investments" failed.

Transformation failed but no error was reported.

Fatal Error
Transformation failed.

Please suggest solution.

Last upsert operation on same object took quiet a long time, after that it started giving me this error on that  upsert object.
Please guide, need help urgently

Thanks for any replies or help in advance

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Well I cannot see much from this picture. When u click on edit, there u will see the mappings, could you check if the mappings are correct or not, or if there is any transformation on any field. Please double check the mappings, its most likely there. 
parag r 4parag r 4 
I am using jtterbit to upsert data to saleforce object.
I am getting errors on records as 
You are creating a duplicate record. We recommend you use an existing record instead.

Why the records doesnt get updated with the data i provided if it finds a mathcing record.

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parag r 4parag r 4
In jitterbits, under 'operation options' I enabled Duplicate records save option. and it worked now.
Jolene ThormanJolene Thorman 
I'm trying to create a new playground, but am unable to do so.  When I try to select create new trailhead playground, nothing happens.  The list doesn't even register that my curser is hovering over the options in the list.  What am I doing wrong?
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Jolene ThormanJolene Thorman
Thank you! I ended up logging into a different browser and was able to create the new playground. I normally use Chrome, I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let me create the new playground. I did clear my cache first though, but that didn’t fix it. But after using Edge browser to create the new playground and then getting back into Chrome, the new playground was there. Jolene Thorman Production Assistant o: 972.819.1669 | t: 888.611.2464
Nicholas LabradaNicholas Labrada 

I'd like some help trying to figure out the following. I am trying to build a visualforce email template that starts at object "case". "case" is a child object to parent object "Quote". I am attempting to do an <apex:repeat> in which I grab another child object "quote line items" which is child object to parent object "Quote". Is this possible? Here is my code:
<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Quote-to-Order Submission Received:{!relatedTo.Account}" recipientType="User" relatedToType="Case">
        <p>Dear {!relatedTo.Created_By_Quote__c},</p>
        <p>Thank you for submitting your quote-to-order request for Account Name: {!relatedTo.Account}. Your Case# is {!relatedTo.CaseNumber}. Below are you quote details: </p>
        <p><table border="1" cellpadding="5">
                        <tr > 
                            <th>Line Number</th><th>Part Number</th><th>Quantity</th><th>Unit Price</th><th>Line Total</th>
                        <apex:repeat var="qline" value="{!relatedTo.Quote__r}">

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Suresh pdIISuresh pdII
Hi Nicholas Labrada, 
          You can achive this with the followings.

//create apex class with name "EmailQuoteQuoteLineItemsController"

public class EmailQuoteQuoteLineItemsController{        
    public Case caseRec {set;get;}
    public Quote quoteRec {set;get;}    
    public String caseRecId{get; 
        set {
            caseRecId = value;
    public void init(){
        //loading case record with RelatedToType Id assignment from visualforce component attribute
        caseRec = [Select Id, CaseNumber, Created_By_Quote__c, Account.Name, Quote__c from Case where Id=: caseRecId];
        //query Quote and QuoteLineItems
            quoteRec  = [Select Id, Name, (Select Id, Name, UnitPrice, TotalPrice, Quantity from QuoteLineItems) from Quote where Id=:caseRec.Quote__c];

//Create visualforce component with name "EmailQuoteQuoteLineItems"
<apex:component access="global" controller="EmailQuoteQuoteLineItemsController">

<apex:attribute type="String" name="ObjectId" description="Case Record Id" assignTo="{!caseRecId}"/>
            <p>Dear {!caseRec.Created_By_Quote__c},</p>
            <p>Thank you for submitting your quote-to-order request for Account Name: {!caseRec.Account.Name}. Your Case# is {!caseRec.CaseNumber}. Below are you quote details: </p>
            <p><table border="1" cellpadding="5">
                            <tr > 
                                <th>Line Number</th><th>Part Number</th><th>Quantity</th><th>Unit Price</th><th>Line Total</th>
                            <apex:repeat var="qline" value="{!quoteRec.QuoteLineItems}">
                                    <td>your line number api</td> <!- change this to your api -->
                                    <td>your partnumber api</td> <!- change this to your api -->

//Finally replace your  visualforce email template body with below code.

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Quote-to-Order Submission Received:{!relatedTo.Account}"  recipientType="User" relatedToType="Case">
    <messaging:htmlEmailBody >
        <c:EmailQuoteQuoteLineItems caseRecId="{!relatedTo.Id}"></c:EmailQuoteQuoteLineItems>

Nisha BabuNisha Babu 
Hi all,
The question is
Install an AppExchange dashboard package and make updates to one of the dashboards.
You’ve been asked to create a new Lead trending dashboard. Rather than creating the dashboard from scratch, install a CRM adoption dashboard package from the AppExchange into your Developer Edition environment and update one of the dashboard components as specified below. (Note: While it's a best practice to always clone a dashboard before you modify it, for this example, you can go ahead and modify the dashboard directly).
Install Salesforce Adoption Dashboards from the AppExchange into your Developer Edition.
Refresh the '3 - Sales & Marketing Adoption' dashboard in the 'Salesforce Adoption Dashboards' folder at least once.
In '3 - Sales & Marketing Adoption' dashboard, change the dashboard component for 'New LEAD Trend by Source' to a pie chart and set the wedges to Lead Source.

The thing that I did:
User-added image

The Error I am getting:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'LEAD Trend by Source' dashboard component is not a pie chart.

With Regards,

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Nisha BabuNisha Babu
Hi all,

Install Salesforce Adoption Dashboards.

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards---->View Component---->3 - Sales & Marketing Adoption--->Refresh---->drag the pie diagram to the LEAD Trend by Source-------->Components----->Wedges----->Lead Source.

With Regards,
Brian KesslerBrian Kessler 

I'm currently struggling with Lightning Component Framework Specialist Challenge 10.

The map is behaving as expected, but when I submit, I get the error:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
MapController.js must have an event handler named onPlotMapMarker that uses the latitude and longitude that were passed through the event to update the boat’s location.

This is my onPlotMarker() method:
onPlotMapMarker: function(component, event, helper) {
    	var id = event.getParam('sObjectId');
    	var latitude = event.getParam('lat');
    	var longitude = event.getParam('long');
    	var label = event.getParam('label');

		var leafletMap = helper.getLeafletMap(component, latitude, longitude);
		L.tileLayer('https://server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/World_Street_Map/MapServer/tile/{z}/{y}/{x}', {
		    attribution: '&copy; <a href="http://osm.org/copyright">OpenStreetMap</a> contributors'
		L.marker([latitude, longitude]).addTo(leafletMap)
This is the helper:
	getLeafletMap : function(component, latitude, longitude) {
		var leafletMap = component.get('v.leafletMap');
		if (!leafletMap) {
	    	var mapContainer = component.find('map').getElement(); 
		    leafletMap = L.map(mapContainer, {zoomControl: false, tap: false})
		    	.setView([latitude, longitude], 13);
		    component.set('v.leafletMap', leafletMap);

		return leafletMap;
This is the aura:attribute for leafletMap:
<aura:attribute access="private" name="leafletMap" type="Object" />

Any help will be appreciated!

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Brian... I got it! Add this to your onPlotMapMarker handler.
component.set("v.location, "{'latitude' : latitude, 'longitude' : longitude});

krishna chaitanya 35krishna chaitanya 35 
The validation rule should be on the Case object.
The validation rule should be named 'Mark_as_Escalated'.
The validation rule should fire if someone tries to set a case as escalated and it is closed, closed when created, or does not have a priority of High.
The validation rule should display the error message 'You can only set a case as escalated if it is high priority and not closed' under the Escalated field when triggered.
Add the 'Escalated' field to the Case page layout.
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Nida Khan 5Nida Khan 5

Hello All,
I successfully completed this challenge:

IF( IsEscalated , OR(IsClosedOnCreate , 
ISPICKVAL(Status, "Closed"), 
ISPICKVAL(Priority, "Low"), 
ISPICKVAL(Priority, "Medium")), 



Matthew Kowalski 3Matthew Kowalski 3 
I implemented the Queueable Interface and defined the Execute method. After running unit tests to make sure it all works as expected, I am still receiving the following error:
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Ensure that you implement the Queueable interface in the announcementsQueueable class."
It's not uncommon to have an unexpected rejection for something very specific that the program is looking for. I can't think of anything else to try. Any ideas? Thanks, Matt
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Matthew Kowalski 3Matthew Kowalski 3
I was able to pass using the following two lines:

public class AnnouncementQueueable implements System.Queueable{
    public void execute(QueueableContext context){

I think it was ultimately the variable name that got it to work. Use context instead of qc or anything else.

This and other suggestions can be found on this thread:
Inez TaylorInez Taylor 
There are many application are available in the internet for the conversion of lotus notes to outlook PST file format. There are two methods are available for the migration of NSF to PST, first method you can convert manually and second is use any third party software. Here I am discuss any third party application. There are many third party tools are available in the market todays but I would suggest you try to use NSF to PST  converter without pay any charges. So If you are interested to download NSF to PST Converter software from the google.

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john cena 11john cena 11
I would like to suggest GainTools NSF to PST converter tool to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. You can move all mailbox items like emails, task, notes, contacts etc. from Lotus notes NSF file to PST for MS Outlook.
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Ashif KhanAshif Khan
Eexpensify integration with salesforce Done.