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Jamie AriasJamie Arias 

Hands-on Challenge Manage Your Picklist Values

I'm trying to complete the Hands-on Challenge for Manage Your Picklist Values, and I'm getting the following message "... Couldn’t find picklist formula with the correct information. Please double check the instructions" I used the formula provided:

Use the formula editor to set the Default Value for the Macaron Flavor picklist as follows:CASE(MONTH(TODAY()),1, "Gingerbread",2, "Strawberry",4, "Chocolate",7, "Raspberry",11, "Pumpkin",12, "Mint", "Vanilla")

These were the only instructions, 

As an administrator, you want the default value for the macaron flavor to be the flavor of the month for some months, otherwise, the default is vanilla.

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong.
Vincent AttonitoVincent Attonito
Hi Jamie,

I am also getting the exact same error. Were you able to get this solved?

Below is my picklist value set with forumla. 


User-added image

Jamie AriasJamie Arias
No still no solution
Vincent AttonitoVincent Attonito
I got it to work myself. What object are you trying to build the picklist on? I found that after creating the picklist on the "Products" object, it worked just fine.
Jamie AriasJamie Arias
So weird yay it worked thanks
Juan Salas 8Juan Salas 8
I keep getting the same error eventhough I created 2 new Trailhead Plagrounds, the only difference is the error ID between the orgs: PWQQXEQZ, VFSPUNNG, FXYMYLFZ

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Meghraj KurmiMeghraj Kurmi
Just check if there is an Object  name 'Product' if not create one 'Product' custom object after that create one picklist inside that object name 'Macaron Flavor ' with values

Use given formula on formula field
 CASE(MONTH(TODAY()),1, "Gingerbread",2, "Strawberry",4, "Chocolate",7, "Raspberry",11, "Pumpkin",12, "Mint", "Vanilla")

 it worked fine for me.