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Aishwarya RahgavendranAishwarya Rahgavendran 

Standard Operating Procedure

Hi Guys

We are evaluating Salesforce Service Cloud for our call center solution, as part of this we have a particular scenario and would like to know how Salesforce can be used to solve this. My scenario is basically in addition to the standard case management workflow that we can configure within Salesforce I want to document the "Standard Operating Procedure" that our call center agents have to follow while responding to an interaction request, I also want to measure if the agent followed the steps specified in the "Standard Operating Procedure". How would I do this? Would I use Flow to capture this? The steps in the "SOP" is basically only for documentation and is not integrated to any systems.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Gaurav HandooGaurav Handoo
Hi Aishwarya

If I've understood correctly, you want to ensure that documentation of the cases worked on is done properly and that is a part of your SOP while working on a case right?