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cat not recognized as an internal or external command

Learning Salesforce DX, have downloaded the DreamHouse project from gitHub site, made a new branch of my own.  Then, in the Unit of "Create and Test Our Scratch Org", at the beginning, it says "Enter cat config/project-scratch-def.json" to see some of the options available. When I did this in the command line, I got "cat not recognized as an internal or external command".  Online articles say that "cat" is a Unix code, can't be used in Windows system.  Now, my question is what should I use in Windows?

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Use windows powershell.  WIndows 7 afterwards, it comes along with the windows.

Hope this helps. Please dont ask me about SFDX bcz i am myself struggling with the sfdx setup. :-P

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Use windows powershell.  WIndows 7 afterwards, it comes along with the windows.

Hope this helps. Please dont ask me about SFDX bcz i am myself struggling with the sfdx setup. :-P
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Su Wang 3Su Wang 3
Arya, yes, it worked in WIndows Powershell!!!  Thanks a bunch!
Dhanik L SahniDhanik L Sahni
All CLI is recommending Powershell for windows.
Juan Arango 3Juan Arango 3
Arya, yes, it worked in WIndows Powershell!!!  Thanks a lot!!!
Akinsola Jegede 7Akinsola Jegede 7
It works thank you
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deepak chavandeepak chavan
Thanks Windows Powershell is helps.
Hari KundrapuHari Kundrapu
What is the alternative for Mac?
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Ale DuranAle Duran

Excellent i use also windows powershell and is now working for me

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