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Gabriele Robatto 7Gabriele Robatto 7 

NFC Mobile Salesforce1

Our goal is to use information retrieved through NFC within a visualforcepage or lightning component using salesforce mobile (Salesforce1)

We are trying to understand if it will be possible to receive data from NFC using a javascript library, even if Salesforce mobile app does not have official permission to access to this kind of hardware.

Anyone could kindly help?
Bhuvanesh MohankumarBhuvanesh Mohankumar
Hi Gabriele,
It is an interesting question.
Are you going to use the Salesforce mobile app or you are going to use native app and integrating the salesforce site through web view components in the mobile app.

This is my suggestion, 
As I researched, I am not sure did Salesforce support for the NFC data access.
If you have native app [Android/IOS] then you can read the data using NFC and try the Salesforce API to get data into the Salesforce app.

Bhuvanesh MohankumarBhuvanesh Mohankumar
This link has a sample implementation & steps for NFC phone GAP with Salesforce integration.