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Prema -Prema - 

Hello finally i am getting chance to get in to the development from one of the company. I would be going for an interview, Please let me know what should i say infront of them and what are the questions they would be asking ?

Because in my current company they told me that they would be hiring for Developers now m doing kind of consultant jobs, everytime calling with clients. So please let me know from where i should prepare and crack the interview which would happen on Thursday.
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Vinod ChoudharyVinod Choudhary
Hi Prema,

You can do preparation for interview :

Here you can find common questions and answers related to APEX, Configuration, Visualforce etc...


Vinod ChoudharyVinod Choudhary
On this link, there are tabs at the top (SFDC Configuration, Apex, Visualforce, Scenarios, Apex Program).

these are the common questions that interviewer asks. If they go for practical than you could have problem :)
Halian RonaldoHalian Ronaldo
Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM service provider. 1st tip is, always review your CV (https://resumecroc.com/resume-review/) before sending it to the company. I have also listed a handful of both project and general questions below which tend to come up.
Example questions –
  • “Tell me about a difficult Salesforce project you worked on”
  • “How do your past experiences make you a suitable candidate for this vacancy?”
  • “Tell me about the budgets and duration for the projects that you have worked on”
  • “What systems/products do you particularly like to work on?”

Halian RonaldoHalian Ronaldo
The process of interview and salesforce is one of the best CRM. But I got a job in another company Wellyx (https://wellyx.com/) that offers good service for business-like management, such as a gym or fitness studio I am very satisfied with this decision because it has been helping me grow as an entrepreneur while also providing value to clients who count on our work every day.