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"unable to obtain exclusive access to this record"

Running dataloader to delete accounts in production.  Operation taking a long time and ultimately getting "unable to obtain exclusive access to this record".  My timeout setting is 540 seconds.  Here's the strange part.  I did a restore to my full sandbox and ran the same exact delete and it went perfectly and only took about 15 mins.  Please help, this is holding up a prod deploy.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
This is because of record locking. From the Salesforce Developer site:
This is something temporary and would be fixed automatically in 10-15 minutes maximum.
Some common causes are:
Sharing Rules are being calculated.
A picklist value has been replaced and replacement is in progress.
A custom index creation/removal is in progress.
Most unlikely one - someone else is already editing the same record that you are trying to access at the same time.

Thanks Raj, the odd thing is that I am the only user trying to do this, there are no other users in production environment.