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Shipra ChadhaShipra Chadha 

Cannot see an active flow in the Set Up Flows section, need to deactivate that flow

Apex / Visualforce
SubjectCannot see an active flow in the Set Up Flows section, need to deactivate that flow
DescriptionWe are getting an error while adding new contacts or editing the existing contacts.

The reason for this error is the flow with this ID – 301390000004YNI.
I cannot see this flow in the Flows section of Set Up

However, if I open the link for Flow Designer with this Flow ID - 301390000004YNI, I can see the entire Flow process.https://sitespect.my.salesforce.com/designer/designer.apexp#Id=301390000004YNl

This flow is currently active, so I’m not able to make any changes to this flow.
I just want to Deactivate this flow, which is only possible if I can see it in the flows section of Set Up.
Severity LevelLevel 2 - Urgent
Business ImpactWhat functionality are you unable to perform?
Create/update New/existing Contacts
How many users are impacted?
Sales and Customer success team
Are the impacted users internal/external?
Is there currently a workaround in place?
Is there a pending deployment / go live?

Dont open the flow. When you see the flow List , there is an option to deactivate it there.

Shipra ChadhaShipra Chadha
I cannot see the flow in the flow list. That's the problem.
hv manage flows pem qn
chk via dev console or workbench for respective flow...