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Abhiman MungalAbhiman Mungal 

email template want to edit from field

i want email tamplate which is for Booked event 
when customer Booked event for any Event organizer that time send email to that customer from that organizer 
i have lots of organizer and customer account in my salesforce org
Kailas NambiKailas Nambi

If you using workflow you can change the from email address such as Current User email address OR
Default workflow user email address OR Org wide email address.

Please see the image below

User-added image

Sweet Potato Tec
Hi Abhi,
If you are looking for custom email templates check below link

and you can customixe your email templates and send them to customer using workflow 

let us know if it helps you and mark it best if it helps you

Bhanu Prakash
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