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David Granados 6David Granados 6 

Extend Your Reporting Strategy with AppExchange 

I am in the challenge part of this module however when I try to download the Salesforce Adoption Dashboards package and log in using my credentials it always tells me I have the wrong ID and Password, which is not true. I need help.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Follow below steps.

1.Log into trailhead.
2.Create new trailhead playground, select it and click "Launch your hands on org"
3.Refer below link and get trailhead playground username and password.
4.Log into App Exchange from another browser or copy paste the download link in an incognito window.
5.Install in production by providing trailhead playground credentials.
6.Click on "Launch" and check in trailhead playground if App is installed and then check for challenge.

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David GranadosDavid Granados
This solved my issue, thank you!

I am not sure where to mark this solved.