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Trupti Vispute 5Trupti Vispute 5 

SFDC to SharePoint Integration

Hi all,I want to integrate share point with sfdc to upload file from sfdc to sharepoint and I have sharepoint account just what else we need and how to do it i have heard abt Microsoft azure so do i need account for it?plaz help me out!
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Trupti,

May I suggest you please check with below links which has step by step explanation. Hope this will help you.

Kindly mark this as solved if the information was helpful.

Trupti Vispute 5Trupti Vispute 5
Hi Narendra,
Thanks for rply,
I am getting "  Variable does not exist: SharePointAPIUtility  "
this error,I dont know actually this is valid question or not (sorry for that)
but i am confused will you plz tell me wht is this exactly?

token = SharePointAPIUtility.SharePointAPIGet
Thanks in advance
sfdc org 1sfdc org 1
Hi Trupti,

I am getting the same issue with my code. Have you able to solve this issue?

Thanks in adavace.
Ana NetoAna Neto
I personally have not came across the "Variable does not exist: SharePointAPIUtility" error, but it looks like you are trying to accessing non-static data from a static method?

Anyway, I personally would recommend using a 3rd party tool from AppExchange to handle the SharePoint integration. As it guarantees forward compatibility with future versions, I think it is a good bet https://www.connecting-software.com/blog/sharepoint-integration-with-salesforce/