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Kamatchi Devi SargunanathanKamatchi Devi Sargunanathan 

Is there a possibility to trigger the event of Opportunity Default team members added to the opportunity?

Hi All, 

I have a requirement to send email when an opportunity team member is added to the opportunity. It was working fine for the opportunity team members added newly and when am adding the default opportunity teams it is not working. 

If anyone has any idea please help to resolve.

Kamatchi Devi Sargunanathan
sachin kadian 5sachin kadian 5
How are you trying to do that? Did you write a trigger on opportunityteammember object?
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

According to below link 
Basically now the OpportunityTeamMember trigger only works with individual add/delete action. does not work with any "group-action" of addl/delete
 but i did not find the doc for the same.Refer if that can help you in some way.

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