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Kavitha R 5Kavitha R 5 

Hello Everybody,

Can any body please answer this question

I am bulding College Management app

Created Objects, feild etc..,

Here i need to write trigger with even called after insert

Examtype is a feild(Picklist Datatype) and external and internal are picklist values.

if examtype is equals to external than perticular student's internal and external marks should take and should caluclate percentage . Need to write SOQL query as well.

Please help on this.

This is one of requirement in our office.

Kamal ThakurKamal Thakur


I am sorry to say but this is not a Homework website. If you are having a problem then we can chek your code and assist you. But asking the whole code is dumb. At least show us that you started coding for this thing, then we can help.