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Bhuvanesh MohankumarBhuvanesh Mohankumar 

Push Notification - Not working in Salesforce1 App

I am using Salesforce1 App to access my Salesforce environment, how to get a push notification, when I receive a chatter or any notification from the Salesforce site.

Settings what I have done:
Notification Settings: Setup, click Mobile Administration > Notifications > Settings, and then select both Enable in-app notifications and Enable push notification. 

Even after enabling these settings, I am not able to receive any push notification in both IOS/Android app. 
I have tried with @mentions, Chatterbox, Task creation etc.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Refer below salesforce help article for infoprmation on this.

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Bhuvanesh MohankumarBhuvanesh Mohankumar
@sandhya: Thanks for your update, I have followed the steps mentioned in the article, still I am not able to get any push notification in the mobile App.
Am I missing something? DId you get a notification whenever a Task is created or you are mentioned in the Chatter?