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Error in Communities Rollout Strategy - Create a Community User and a Sharing Set

Followed through the steps and I am receiving the error

There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: AKWLPXWN. Error: Faraday::ClientError. Message: INVALID_FIELD: SELECT Id FROM Contact where name='Edna Frank' ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:30 field 'name' can not be filtered in a query call

Any suggestions?
Hi, pbattison

for completing Communities Rollout Strategy - >Create a Community User and a Sharing Set

we have to do the following things

we have to check whether we are having the Contact with named Edna Frank(this contact will be used to making a user in the community), in dev orgs it is already present if this named contact is not there create one and we have to make sure that we are having Account associated with this contact. We also have to check whether this Account is associated with the cases, 

After it, we have to enforce sharing set as per their steps.

I followed these steps before and it worked for me, I didn't face this issue when I attempted this. Please elaborate it more so that we can help u in a more better way. 


I have completed all the steps as per the requirements. Edna existed, she has an external user with the correct profile. The profile has a sharing set and everything is correct from that end for the deployment.

If you read the error it is coming from Faraday meaning that it is an error from the Trailhead platform end which will be running a ruby app on Heroku. Its an issue with the query it is running for some reason. I am hoping someone from the Trailhead team can debug using the reference Id.
Sai KethuSai Kethu
I'm also getting same error, even after finishing all the steps. I wonder if you ever able to get the issue resolved.
@pbattisson and @Sai Kethu,

I've faced the same issue as well, however, I was able to complete the challenge after had created a new Trailhead Playground and repeated the exercise.