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Roger WickiRoger Wicki 

Custom Metadata methods

Dear community

I am seeking for ways to improve my code's performance. One step would be optimise the custom metadata. Basically i use custom metadata to store a number of values, which i need to check against in the code. I need stuff like maps or MasterLabel String sets. Currently, I loop over all records and assign them however I see fit. I do however not like that I need a loop for that. I was searching and there is next to no information available. I found this though:

This article mentions getAllNames(), getByName(), etc as methods. These are what I need. Sadly they don't work. The article states, that I would have to sign up for a pilot program for custom metadata. Given that custom metadata is around for almost 3 years, I suppose if these aforementioned methods would be implemented in the final product, they should be available and documented.

Does anybody know more to this topic?