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Neil KimNeil Kim 

App customization superbadge #4 'not sorting the correct direction.'

Hi all. I found all related article on this forum, but there is no answer for this issue captured below.
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I sorted 'My Top Volunteer Organizations' Report on grouped level only.
Didn't sort on any non-grouped level.
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How do I resolve this issue?
it looks like even system error or wrong error msg.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Try to create your report in Lightning.

Best Regards,
Neil KimNeil Kim
Hi. @Sandhya

I'm exhusted because of this issue.
Creating report in Classic, Lightning is not a solution....

Anybody has the same issue?

Could I create case to SFDC for resolving this issue?

It looks like having error on this module.

Luis Igualada FlorsLuis Igualada Flors
I have the same Issue 
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I have tried everything that is commented by the forums, even delete the report created in classic and recreate it in lightning and the problem persists.
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I have all the reports created and the Dashboard with three components.
Can someone give us a hand or give us a clue?

This is exasperating :(

Brandon VitayanuvattiBrandon Vitayanuvatti
I had the same exact error and was able to fix it. I was using "Volunteer: Full Name" when I should've just been using "Full Name".
Hello Neil, 
Were you able to resolve this problem? I have the same error and I am update to get past it. Any help on this is much appreciated ! 

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Anne RieckAnne Rieck
Hey Guys!
I nearly gave up all hope on this. But then it came to me, and hopefully this helps you, too. You may want to check the API names of your fields. Salesforce creates them as CamelCase for me these days, but the test scripts seem to look for Snake_Case. In my case, I actually passed the badge by renaming some of the fields. i.e. in this particular case, i change ShiftHours to Shift_Hours. Maybe this helps you, too. Good luck!
bharat chandwanibharat chandwani
Here i am getting this error can any one help me on this.

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'My Top Volunteer Organizations' report is not sorting the correct direction.

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Thanks in adavance.
Jonathan Davis 33Jonathan Davis 33
I finally figured this out after way too much time, and annoyingly, the error does not have anything to do with the direction of the filtering. 

What I did wrong was in the "Other Fields" section of the Superbadge (like 2 hours before, lol), when I made the "Volunteer Organization" field in the "Volunteer Shift Worker" Object. I had mistakenly make it a lookup field, when it needs to be a formula field.

To fix this, I deleted "Volunteer Organization" in all three of the "Volunteer Job" "Volunteer Shift" and "Volunteer Shift Worker" objects, then remake them as formulas with the below formulas:
  • Volunteer Job: Volunteer_Activity__r.Volunteer_Organization__r.Name
  • Volunteer Shift: Volunteer_Job__r.Volunteer_Organization__c
  • Volunteer Shift Worker: Volunteer_Shift__r.Volunteer_Organization__c
Then I had to remake the "Users with Volunteer Shift Worker Records" Report Type so it included these fields, then remake the "My Top Volunteer Organizations" report, and I no longer got the "not sorting the correct direction" error and moved on the the next report. 

It's worth noting that if you got this one wrong like I did, you may have made other feilds incorrectly as well. I had to go back and correct a few others to formulas such as Volunteer Job and Volunteer Activity in the Volunteer Shift Worker, and it's possible there are others I made wrong as well (I am still working through this superbadge). 

Hopeully this helps someone. 
Francis  VillarenteFrancis Villarente
Thank you Jonathan Davis 33. Your solution worked for me. 
Anton ClaesonAnton Claeson
Thanks Jonathan! That solved the issue I had with this step :)
Sprutiraj Panda 7Sprutiraj Panda 7
hi  i try so many way but till now I face same issue the error was shown like "
The 'My Top Volunteer Organizations' report is not sorting by the correct field..
here i do correct way but do not know why this error was shown .
User-added imageUser-added image
here i sort by correct filed like Sort by Sum of shift hours .
can any one help me out this ...
Iryna StegniiIryna Stegnii
Thank you Jonathan Davis 33! I checked - these fields are correct for me. But there is still a mistake. I will look for more.
Kim Richard PilayreKim Richard Pilayre

If you still experience this problem, I have a solution. Try the answer shown below. I hope this would help. 

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Emine KesirEmine Kesir
thank you so much, this solution helped me.
Naveed AmiriNaveed Amiri
Jonathan Davis 33
I did all that you said but my problem not solved 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'My Top Volunteer Organizations' report is not sorting the correct direction.