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Pradeep kumar 666Pradeep kumar 666 

Give report access to salesforce customer community users

i created one report and gave that report access to community users those have customer community plus  license only but they are able to see other account's records also means i have two accounts,one account has 5 users and another account has another 3 users.out of the 5 users of 1st account,two users have report access and remaining are using customer community license only.but here is a problem,i can not restrict the records which don't belong to that account,the two users can see other account records also.they are using one common object(Order__c) only how can i solve this....? 
anyone help me please.....
Abhilash Mishra 13Abhilash Mishra 13
have you set Account OWD private? 
Pradeep kumar 666Pradeep kumar 666
Yes Abilash but still the users are getting other accounts records
Pradeep kumar 666Pradeep kumar 666
i have set up owd as private for Account but account related records they can not see other account's records means 'Account with order',for these report types it is working fine but for 'orders with account' report type it is not working means they can see other accounts records.