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Page Header and Footer Sections in salesforce

How to customize Page Header and Footer Sections in salesforce home page? 
Shruti SShruti S
No you cannot do that.
kranthi p1910kranthi p1910
  1. From Setup, enter Self-Service Portal in the Quick Find box, then select Settings.
  2. Click Edit next to the Page Header or Page Footer listed in the Portal Page Sections.
  3. Check Show Header or Show Footer to display a header or footer on your portal pages.
  4. Check Show Header Separator or Show Footer Separatorto include a line separating the header or footer from your body pages.
  5. Optionally, enter a page message, and use the format toolbar to format it.
  6. Select Show HTML to view and edit your page message in HTML.You can’t save any JavaScript as part of your custom code, and can only use certain HTML elements and attributes.
  7. Click Save.