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Nag Raj 32Nag Raj 32 

open a lightning component when click on a custom button in account related list.

I am very new to lightning, my requirement is in account related contact list I have a custom button(Edit/clone) when we click on this button we need to go custom lightning page. In that custom lightning page, we need to Edit/clone Account related contacts.

please Help in this.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Raj,

You can create a quick action on Contact with action type of lightning component and there you select the lightning components which handles your Edit/Clone functionality.

Nag Raj 32Nag Raj 32
Thanks Rahul, But can we add this quick action in account related list.??
Yes quick action you can drag and drop, I mean if you want them under contact drop down section of related list on account detail page , then you just drag and drop quick action from contact layout. It will display along along with new and edit button in related list
David Roberts 4David Roberts 4
If you want a button on a List View, see URL Button (https://salesforcediaries.com/2020/10/06/open-lightning-component-from-url-button-in-lightning/>)
URL = "/lightning/n/My_App_Page" which launches a lightning app page that includes the lightning component.