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Single sign on: autofill the Federation ID

I'm using Single sign on on my org.The SAML Identity Type is the Federation Id (field on the user Object).

As you may know, this filed is case sensitive, which gives me troubles because my active directory doesn't have a naming convention for that.
It can be NAME.Lastname, or Name.Lastname, name.lastname, etc.

So, the federation id in the Salesforce user record must be the correct one, with the correct case.
As I have more than 100 users, I can't handle this manually.

I'm thinking about 2 things:
1) Is there any way to give to Salesforce the SAML Identity Type from my active directory, lowertyped for example? Knowing that I want to achieve this in Salesforce.
2) Is it possible to automatically fill the federation Id, with the information provided during Single Sign On? For example, when a user tries to connect, we match it, and we put the right value in the federation id field.

Any ideas for that, or other suggestions?

Thank you!