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Doug YoungerDoug Younger 

Label translations for guest user in Lightning Out/Community?

I am trying to implement a Lightning Out app/component that needs to support multiple languages. I want to use Labels since that is the "built-in" preferred method to handle translations. It needs to be available to guest users.

I have sucessfully created the app and it functionally works it in the remote site, however the language displayed is alwas that of the guest user.

I have also tried using a stand-alone app instead of lightning out with the same results. So I don't think that is the issue.

I have the languages enabled though Translation Workbench.
I have the languages enabled in the community that we are using to "serve" the lightning out app.
I have passed the language as a parameter to the app both through the $Lightning.createComponent call and as a url parameter "?language=es" as suggested here.

I have seen multiple examples using visualforce, however that really seems like a step backwards, and I'm not sure if that would work with lightning out.

According to this known issue, the steps I used should work, however I'm guessing that it might just be for authenticated users that have their language preference set.

Has anyone sucessfully gotten label translations to work in lightning as a guest user?