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Wayne McMahonWayne McMahon 

Multiple leads with same email address

We have a website Moving2Canada.com in which users create an account and can update their profile. All this profile information gets pushed to a Salesforce lead. The lead's unique identifier is the user email. 

We are going launching a sister website Moving2Ireland.com. This website will too have a profile that is similar to the Moving2Canada profile and that a user will create. We want the user to be able to sign up to Moving2Ireland with the same email address as M2C. The problem is pushing the data to Salesforce. If a user already has an account on M2C and then creates one on M2I with the same email address, then all the profile data from M2C will be overwritten by M2I. We will have some fields in the lead that will be the same across both sites (e.g. date of birth, name etc) but most of the data will be unique to both sites and we would like to keep them separate 

Ideally we would have two separate leads for each account on each website but these leads would have the same email so there is the duplicate problem. The other possibility I see is to create new fields in the Lead for each unique field we want to have, so say we have a field called 'Job Title'. This field would become 'M2C Job Title' and we would create a new field called 'M2I Job Title'. But we will be launching other sister websites in the future so this solution could get very messy down the line. I think the multiple leads per unique email solution is cleaner. 

Is this a a common problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.