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Vishal Shanbhag 12Vishal Shanbhag 12 

Winter 19 - Deployment fails with Internal server error

I am trying to deploy the metadata from a Non Winter 19 sandbox to a Winter 19 preview version sandbox, but I am getting following internal server errors on test classes
  • Internal Salesforce Error: 398686825-35477 (-1379387317) (-1379387317) 
    Stack Trace: null
  • Internal Salesforce Error: 398686825-35476 (-41106703) (-41106703) 
    Stack Trace: null
  • Also when I try to access the test failure page later it it says 
    • User-added image
Other Notes: When I execute the same test class manually , it passes in a few seconds , but during deployment it says the same test class has long execution time more than 5 min

Does anybody has faced the same issue and know about the workaround?
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vishal,

Sorry for this issue you are encountering.

This type of error indicates that an error has occurred that hasn't been trapped by the platform - a low-level java exception for example.
If you need to move quicker then, start removing functionality from the component to isolate where the problem occurs and see if there are any other mechanisms you can use.

If the problem continues may I suggest you please clear all the cookies and cache and log out of all accounts and log in once again which should resolve the issue.

Also, I would suggest you please reach out to the Salesforce support team for a better and quick assistance on the above issue.

You may reach the support team at the below email address. Still, if the problem persists give a try by attempting the same in a different browser which should do the trick.

Hope this helps.

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Peter Yao 9Peter Yao 9
Hi Vishal,

We saw the same behavior when trying to deploy using the ant migration tool two days ago. I didn't save the ISE number, but all 140 our apex tests run in the deployment resulted in an ISE, and we'd get the same message when trying to view details of the deployment through the UI.

Today, the same deployment doesn't have any ISEs, but we still can't view details of the deployment.

So, I wonder if Salesforce is working on something (though I don't see any updates on our instance).