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Paul CaldwellPaul Caldwell 

Salesforce admin

Have you faced a problem in choosing a salesforce admin? What qualities did you look for?
Paul Sciandra 1Paul Sciandra 1
Well, It’s always better to train your Admin in-house, you can hire third-party salesforce admins, who will administrate the system for you at the early stages and train your soon-to-be Admin. I can recommend you read this guide (https://www.omi.co/administration/how-to-choose-a-salesforce-administrator-for-your-business/) to choosing Salesforce Admin, which both includes training your own, hiring a person, certifications, qualities to look for and more. It’s an easy read, so it won’t take too much of your time, and you’ll have a good understanding of what your ideal admin would look like on a CV and interview.