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Suma G 7Suma G 7 

Need help on formula

i have a field of type Date and time of type picklist. i have created a formula field to concatinate both. below is my formula.
DATETIMEVALUE(TEXT(YEAR(Start_Date__c)) + "-" 
+ TEXT(MONTH(Start_Date__c)) + "-" 
+ TEXT(DAY(Start_Date__c)) + " " 
+ if(contains(Text(Start_Time__c),'AM'),LEFT(Text(Start_Time__c), find(":",Text(Start_Time__c))),Text(Value(LEFT(Text(Start_Time__c), find(":",Text(Start_Time__c))-1))+12)+":")
+ if(find(":",Text(Start_Time__c))==2,MID(Text(Start_Time__c),find(":",Text(Start_Time__c))+1, find(':',Text(Start_Time__c))),MID(Text(Start_Time__c), find(":",Text(Start_Time__c))+1, find(':',Text(Start_Time__c))-1)) + ":00")+(4/24)

this is working for all the times that mentioned in pivklist except 12:00AM,12:30AM & 12:00PM , 12:30PM. 

Please suggest me if i am missing something.

Thanks in advance!

Gulafsha MohammedGulafsha Mohammed
Hi Suma,
What are the other picklist values