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Deepak Sharma 184Deepak Sharma 184 

Trigget To Update Account Team Member Edit Acess

Hi Devs,
 I have a scnerio in which i have to give "edit" access to the Account team member. If they are converting a lead into an existing account then for that existing account's team member should have a 'Edit' access so that they can convert a lead. So how can i achieve this through trigger. Any Help with the Sample code would be appreciated. 

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
I dnt think so you can able to create a trigger on AccountTeamMember .. 

ou can update the level of access of the Account Team members through the Data Loader as from UI you can not.
Go to the Data Loader and Select Export and make sure to click on Show all Salesforce Objects:
Select Account Share (AccountShare)
Select all fields
Add the following condition: RowCause equals Team
Click on View Extraction
Click on Open in External Program
Depending on which related object(s) you want to update you can remove some of the fields or columns from the CSV file.
Update the file with the access that you prefer, the values in the Data Loader are different from Salesforce, for example:
None = Private
Read = Read Only
Edit = Read and Write
After you modify the file using the values None / Edit or Read, you need to go back into the Data Loader / select Update and Map the fields.