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Objects order in Sales Cloud

Dear Community,
what is the order of the objects in Sales cloud and Service Cloud in Salesforce.as of now i know the which objects support sales and service cloud.
in sales cloud it supports accounts,contacts,Opportunities,Products,Campaign,...........etc.then what is the order from these objects.From which object we start working on sales cloud.
In service cloud it supports Accounts,contacts,cases,solutions etc.then what is the order in those sales and service clouds.can any one explain me with order.
like campaign-->account --> contact--> Lead-->Opportunity-->,......etc

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SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Sales life cycle, starts right from Campaign.
Say you have a product 'X' and you want to sell it. To sell it you have to do campaign, like webinar, email, show, seminar etc. People who attend your campaign, you can mark them as Lead. However, there could be other sources of Lead to. On the basis of lead qualification criteria, you decide whether that Lead is qualified or not. If lead qualifies you create account, contact and opportunity out of it. Now, your opportunity life cycle starts. It may involve multiple stages based upon your organization. If all goes well, we mark it as 'Closed-Won'. 

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