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Nethra RaghupathyNethra Raghupathy 

Insert Remote Site Setting from post install script

I have a lightning app which has the remote site settings dynamic.
So, is it a good practice to use metadataService.class (http://technome2.blogspot.com/2017/05/creating-remote-site-settings.html) in post-installation script to add remote site settings for the org?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Its nor required always .. 

i can suggest you can do it as part of migration using change set or 
you can add them manually or update them manually 

or you can use even named credentials  

writing this type of code is not recommended 
Nethra RaghupathyNethra Raghupathy
Raj, For me I can't add remote site settings manually because the URL is changing based on the client deployment I make. To use named credentials also i should have the URL fixed right?
This is how my URL is, http://xxx-xx.<dynamic>.xx-xx-x.xxxxxxxx.xxx
dynamic section changes based on the client deployement.

please correct me if I'm wrong. 
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