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Undelivered emails from salesforce | Reason ?


When the email is not delivered to the client, i receive the undelivered emails.

Whatt can be the reason of it ? Below is email i receive

An error occurred while trying to deliver the attached email.
You can send the following information to the owner of clientemail@i-8zvz2orfz1ywy.0y.eu11.apex.salesforce.com.

An internal error occured

An internal error occured

The attached email could not be processed because:

EmailHandlingFailedException: code=550, Unable to parse or decode the contents of the email.

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can you check your case email handler ?? 
Looks like your case email handler is failing ..
Hi Raj,
Thank you for reply.
How can i detect errors or debug the case email handler