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Ken Koellner 1Ken Koellner 1 

Automation process that runs as a different user

We have a use case where we want an action to take place on a record and trigger an action on another record.  But the user profile will have no CRUD access on the other record.  We have to enforce CRUD security.  So what I want to do is when an update fires on the first record have some process run as a different user and update the second record.  If it's a trigger, it will run as the original user.  If it's a workflow, it will also run as the original user.  I need it to specifcally run as a different user.  Forget about Apex running in system mode or without sharing.  It specifically has to be a different user.

Can you think of any automation technology in SF that will do that?

The only thing that I can think of is to have Batch apex run periodically as the other user and scan for chages. But I really don't want to keep the very limited batch resources buy.


Please no work arounds.  It abosuluely positively has to run as a different user.

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Hi Ken  , 

It's interesting. You can try with Salesforce platform events which are possible.
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