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Aaron Persich 9Aaron Persich 9 

Random number with Apex


I am fairly junior to Apex and I am tgrying to build a random number.  I found this Apex code online and saved it successfully in my Sandbox.  
public with sharing class RandomNumberGenerator {
    public static String generateRandomNumber() {
        String randomNumber = generate();
        if (randomNumber.length() < 6) {
            String randomNumber2 = generate();
            randomNumber = randomNumber + randomNumber2.substring(0, 10 - randomNumber.length());
        return randomNumber;
    public static String generateIdentifier(String prefix) {
        return prefix + '-' + generateRandomNumber();
    private static String generate() {
        return String.valueOf(Math.abs(Crypto.getRandomInteger()));
I have a number field labeled BIOS_Password__c on the asset object.  How do I get this Apex class to populate this field on creation of the asset?  Any help is much appreciated.


You'll need to put it into a trigger.  Something like:
trigger AddBIOSPassword on Asset (before insert) 
    for (Asset ast : Trigger.new) {