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Deepu Gupta 29Deepu Gupta 29 

Stamp parent custom object on child opportunity creation

Can anyone suggest on the below scenario can be achieved via configuration or not:
I have Grand Parent(Custom Object) Parent(Opportunity) and Child(Child Opportunity),
Now,if Grand Parent's Record Type == Child Opportunity Record Type and date is greater than today then stamp this grand parent into child opportunity.
There is also a lookup relationship in this cutom object and opportunity.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Hi Deepu ,
You can do with Process Builder. you need to use Object  Child(Child Opportunity) .
Deepu Gupta 29Deepu Gupta 29
Hi RajaMohan,
Thanks for your reply.I alreay tried Process Builder but no luck.Can you suggest the steps.
Veena GopalVeena Gopal
Hi Deepu,
As RajaMohan said, you will have to use process builder to acheive this. You will have to choose the child object and use formula in the action criteria. when you mention grand parent -parent-child, there should be relation between the 3 objects.parent should have grand parents id and child should have parents id.

When constructing the formula you have take the relation and select the fields.
I am sure meaning of "then stamp this grand parent into child opportunity."
but that will come in the Immediate actions.
Try to do the following,
- Instead of using record type name, use record type ID. It apprars in URL when you click the record type and goto the associated page layout.
- If you are having hard time accessing fields from one object to another then I would say create a few formula field on Child Opportunity object which would fetch the needed information from Grand Parent.
E.g., Grand_Parent_Rrcord_Type_Name, Grand_Parent_Date__c etc..
Once the value is fetched, create a process builder on the Child Opportunity Object and you might not have to go to parent or grand parent objects anymore.
Give it a try and see what happens. Hope it helps!