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Aurora Ganguly 10Aurora Ganguly 10 

Unavailability of site in sandbox

Hi All,
Actualy i want to know , i have a sandbox inside that under Develop am not getting the site . it is not there .but in my production org it is there .
What can be the issue of that ? How can i get  that site in sandbox inorder to create a site from sandbox . 
I raised a case also but didnt got any specific reply from them .  I need that site in my sandbox ,can any one tell how to enable that or how can i get that site in my sandbox .
Plz reply soon .
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Aurora,

May I request you please check if your production org has portal but your sandbox doesn't that means you need to recreate a full copy (or refresh) sandbox in order to get the site working in your sandbox. 

Hope this helps.

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Aurora Ganguly 10Aurora Ganguly 10
Thanks Nagendra,
Can u plz tell how to check my production whether it has portal or not . where to search ?
Aurora Ganguly 10Aurora Ganguly 10
Hello Nagendra, 
FYI , 
we don't have the full sandbox Concept .So what to do now ?