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Using Assigned Role in Report Formula

Hello all,

I am trying to build a report for a manager of multiple teams where I can show what percent of the monthly goal each team is at for activities.  Unfortunately the teams do not have the same number of users in each of the roles below.  Some have 7 and others have 8.  Is there a way to use a formula to go something like this (bold appears to be the field I am not getting correct:

RowCount / (250 * (IF ("Assigned Role" = "ABC:BCD" , 7, 8 )))

Where ABC and BCD roles return a value of 7 and all other roles return 8.  Anyone have any ideas if this can be done?  Or am I simply better off doing individual reports for each Role and thus removing the need to use the role in the formula.

A second question, would there be a way to calculate the number of business days in a month?  We are Mon-Fri and say each person needs to enter 25 activities a day, could a formula be used to differentiate between months with less working days?  For instance Feb has 20 working days but March has 23.