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Shruthi GM 4Shruthi GM 4 

How to write test class for Soap integration class?

Nishad KNishad K
Hi Shruthi,
Test methods don’t support web service callouts, and tests that perform web service callouts fail. To prevent tests from failing and to increase code coverage, Apex provides the built-in WebServiceMockinterface and the Test.setMock method. Use WebServiceMock and Test.setMock to receive fake responses in a test method.

When you create an Apex class from a WSDL, the methods in the auto-generated class call WebServiceCallout.invoke, which performs the callout to the external service. When testing these methods, you can instruct the Apex runtime to generate a fake response whenever WebServiceCallout.invoke is called. To do so, implement the WebServiceMock interface and specify a fake response for the Apex runtime to send. Here are the steps in more detail.

See the below example :