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Pervaz AllaudinPervaz Allaudin 

Trail Criteria is changed?

I had finihed Beginer Admin and then Developer a couple days back.
Now they are showinng incomplete with 3 and 5 hours of projects.

When did the criterea change,
Can they do this?

Is there anybody I can apeal this to?

Pervaz Allaudin
Preston CarterPreston Carter
I too have lost credit for some of my badges, modules and trails.

I already finished doing Admin Beginner, and I was working on Developer Beginner.

Just now when I logged in to Trailhead, I noticed I've lost my Admin Beginner badge, and I'm only partially complete with the Admin Beginner trail.
For example, it shows that "Build a Suggestion Box App", "Build Your First App" and "Reports & Dashboards" are 0% complete, but I completed all three of these a few days ago.

Likewise, some of the modules I did for Developer Beginner are no longer shown as complete.

This may have happened because I had to delete the validation rule I wrote for "Create a validation rule to check that a contact is in the zip code of its account" in order to complete the Process Builder challenge.

Or it may be because the process I created for "Create a process to update child record when the parent is updated" failed three times before I got it right. (I received three diagnostic e-mails, one for each of the failed tests.)

Or it may be a bigger problem. Apparently it has affect at least one other person beside myself -- thanks for posting your comment, Pervaz.

I don't know how to appeal this. I have submitted the above comments using the Feedback link that appears in the footer of all pages on trailhead.salesforce.com. I don't know if this kind of feedback is monitored. I gave my email address in the space provided, so perhaps someone will contact me with an explanation.
Preston CarterPreston Carter
After taking a second look, it appears that they've added a number of projects to the Admin Beginner and Developer Beginner trails that weren't required earlier. They show up as 0% complete for me, and my completion percentages for the two trails are reduced accordingly.
Preston CarterPreston Carter
For example, there's a "Reports & Dashboards" module that I completed a few days ago, and a "Quick Start: Reports & Dashboards" project that I haven't completed yet, and wasn't aware of until just now.
Nicholas AgostoNicholas Agosto
I was just going to ask my mentor about this! As I told her via text this morning, I jusg began taking the Admin Beginner modues and finished all Platform Basics modules in their entirety. I then moved on to Data Modeling, which was the next set of modules. As of this morning I noticed there are now 4 additional sets of modules that appear in between Platform Basics and Data Modeling: Build a Battle Station App, Build a Box App, Quick Start: Reports and Dashboards, and Quick Start Build Your First App. Where did these come from?! And should these be completed in order as they are NOW listed? 
Pervaz AllaudinPervaz Allaudin
Was this announced.
Could any moderators please give an official news or reasons for this.
Preston CarterPreston Carter
Looks like this problem is resolved now. In the Trails page that shows the components (modules and projects) of Admin Beginner, the four related projects are shown separately at the foot of the page, and (in my case) the uncompleted projects don't count against my 100% completion score for all the modules that make up the Admin Beginner trail, even though I've only done one of the four projects.

Similarly for Developer Beginner.
Nicholas AgostoNicholas Agosto
I saw that the page was reformatted too, but is it 100% that that those extra 'Related Projects' aren't part of the 100%? Just making sure as I started one of them already and am 20% complete.
Pervaz AllaudinPervaz Allaudin
Yes, It looks like resolved.
My beginer Admin and Developer are back.
Thanks to whoever put it back.