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Daniele AlfaroneDaniele Alfarone 

Cannot find consumer key and consumer secret to connect through REST APIs

Dear all,

I am new to Salesforce. I created a developer environment, and a test Connected App, so that I can test making REST API calls.
The problem is that I cannot locate the consumer key and consumer secret for my app. I have read people had similar issues in the past, but their solution didn't work for me.
I attach a screenshot of my app details. According to the docs, this is where I should see consumer key and consumer secret.

User-added image

Thanks for the help!

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Daniele AlfaroneDaniele Alfarone
I finally solved my problem. I managed to create a new app, and I noticed that consumer key and secret and displayed after you click "Continue". If you don't note them down at that point, they are unretrievable (at least, by me).

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NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Daniele,
  • Please find the below steps which might probably resolve the issue.
  • From Setup, click Create | Apps and click New to start defining a connected app.
  • Enter the name of your application.
  • Enter the contact email information, as well as any other information appropriate for your application.
  • Select Enable OAuth Settings.
  • Enter a Callback URL. Depending on which OAuth flow you use, this is typically the URL that a user’s browser is redirected to after successful authentication. As this URL is used for some OAuth flows to pass an access token, the URL must use secure HTTP (HTTPS) or a custom URI scheme.
  • Add all supported OAuth scopes to Selected OAuth Scopes. These scopes refer to permissions given by the user running the connected app.
  • Enter an URL for Info URL. This is where the user can go for more information about your application.
  • Click Save. The Consumer Key is created and displayed, and the Consumer Secret is created (click the link to reveal it).
Once you define a connected app, you use the consumer key and consumer secret to authenticate your application.

For more information please check with below link: Regards,
Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Daniele, 
  • In order to determine your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret please follow the steps mentioned below. 
  • Login to your Org>>> Set Up>>> App Setup>>> Create>>> Apps>>> Connected Apps>>> New 
  • Fill in the required fields and click on the the checkbox "Enable OAuth Settings" under "API (Enable OAuth Settings)" section. 
  • Now, put in the CallBack URL. As per document: http://developer.force.com/cookbook/recipe/interact-with-the-forcecom-rest-api-from-php, the CallBack URL is: https://localhost/resttest/oauth_callback.php 
  • Give your permission preference in the "Selected OAuth Scopes" and hit on Save. 
  • You will notice that you will find the Consumer Key and have a link to relieve the Consumer Secret.

I hope it will be helpful.

Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 


Daniele AlfaroneDaniele Alfarone
Hi guys,

thank you for your responses. I tried those guides already -- I feel I tried most of the ones on the internet by now!

As you can see from my screenshot, I already managed to create a Connected App, but I cannot find consumer key and consumer secret.
I cannot even repeat the procedure, by creating a new app, because my UI does not display that option. It seems like all step-by-step guides refer to the older versions of the UI, or I am missing something.
I cannot follow "Org>>> Set Up>>> App Setup" or "From Setup, click Create | Apps and click New" -- I cannot see those options.

I attach a screenshot of my "Manage Connected Apps" page where, again, (1) I cannot create a new app, and (2) I cannot get consumer key from the existing app I created.

User-added image

This is getting quite frustrating. Thank you for trying to help out.
Daniele AlfaroneDaniele Alfarone
I finally solved my problem. I managed to create a new app, and I noticed that consumer key and secret and displayed after you click "Continue". If you don't note them down at that point, they are unretrievable (at least, by me).
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Kellan ScheiberKellan Scheiber
After creating go to Setup and then under Build Create - Apps and click on your connected App and the Consumer Key and Secret will be listed.
Grant Smith 21Grant Smith 21
Hey I found it.  Apparently you need to go to the section named "Apps" through Set Up | Create | Apps | Scroll Down to Connected Apps | Click your App and there the Consumer Key will be and you can "Click to reveal" to reveal the Customer Secret
Danny O'NeillDanny O'Neill

Nahul and Nagendra are typical 'cannot read actual question but cut and paste some general stuff about issue guys.

I have exactly this issue every time. You create a new connected app and can see settings (this is where you both failed to read original post) and you CAN see the oath settings. The issue is tht if you go back in you cannot see any oath settings. Last time it took me an hour of stumbling about the ever-more-convoluted menu system following yet more internet suggestions of wht to search for on the menu (really says somethign that you have to SEARCH A HIERACHICAL MENU TO FIND STUFF seriously SF, just think about that for a moment.)


Last time was a couple of weeks ago and it was a bit like Grant's suggestion and something about a create menu, but this time thats gone to the winds, not under setup nor the helpfully named 'setup' which is of course and entiely paralel universe of salesforce which happens to have a similar name.

Danny O'NeillDanny O'Neill

Actually, I take it back - I didn't swear nearly enough - it would get blocked if I did, so you'll hae to imagine - my wife is taking the offspring out of the room in fear at the rage.

I cannot see any kind of create or build menus, they don't show up on searching the insane menu either. How, how can it be that settings are only visible once and then after that they are hidden for all time. This is a bug, but of course SF is like iOS it's followers cannot see bugs, tehy literally cannot cope with teh idea and so THERE ARE NO BUGS.45mins and counting since I started looking for the settings - efficient use of time this....

Danny O'NeillDanny O'Neill
Right, so seriously, is anyone out there? WHERE DO I FIND THE KEYS???????? They are not under the manage connected app settings - not if you go back in after creating the app. I found them the other day by searching for something or changing context to a non dev account or some different setup / settings menu somewhere, but I cannot find them. Its been hours now and I NEED the keys.
Stephen Jenkins 22Stephen Jenkins 22
I am updating this thread just in case some else stumbles on it to try to find the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for a Connected App....

Change to Salesforce Classic

In Setup, Build -> Create -> Apps
and then....

Click on the Connected App Name (NOT Edit... NOT Manage...) 
You can also click on Edit and then Save. This will take you to the same place.

In Lightning Experience:

In Setup, navigate to App Manager
Find your Connected App in the list and select View from the associated pulldown list (on the far right of the list view)
You can also select Edit and Save.

Good luck!
Diana ClementiDiana Clementi
Thank you @StephenJenkins22, After two days of creting new apps I'm now able to see the consumer key and secret for the existing ones!!!
Mike Davis 18Mike Davis 18
BRILLIANT!  Thank you, Stephen Jenkins 22!  Many hours have been wasted looking for this info.  And by reading both this forum post and several others, a lot of developers are having the same problem.
Richard WeinRichard Wein
Another thank you to Stephen Jenkins 22 for posting the vital info that SalesForce failed to provide. Not only is this info hidden away in an unexpected place in the Classic interface, it isn't provided anywhere in Lightning, as far as I can see.

Just started using Salesforce a few hours ago, and this isn't the first frustrating problem I've run into. It hasn't created a good first impression of Salesforce. Ah well, let's hope things get better after this initial hiccup. ;-)
Juncai ZhangJuncai Zhang
You saved my life, kudos
Harold CarlsonHarold Carlson
Stephen Jenkins, thanks for clarifying and providing the correct answer.  It's not apparent when to click on Create > Apps that you can scroll down and there is a Connected Apps section.
Ignacio Sales 1Ignacio Sales 1
Thank you @StephenJenkins22, I wish I could upvote your answer x1K times...
Doug HughesDoug Hughes
Another vote of thanks to @StephenJenkins22. I've spent far too much time trying to find the key and secret for an existing connected app. Why this data isn't revealed under the more logical Setup -> Apps -> Connected Apps -> Manage Connected Apps is beyond me. I didn't realise connected apps are also listed under Apps -> App Manager.
Patrick Weber OstkPatrick Weber Ostk
Also, because I've spent HOURS looking for this before, and was extremely worried about where the analogous hidden location would be to find it in LEX (Lightning), you have to go to Setup -> App Manager -> [locate your app in the list] -> and click Manage from the dropdown on the right side of the screen. This will say it takes you to Manage Connected Apps, but just going straight to that page from Setup will not provide you the consumer secret and key, strangely enough.
Kerr ConsultingKerr Consulting
Setup -> App Manager -> [locate your app in the list] -> and click View (instead of Manage) from the dropdown on the right side of the screen
Nitin Saxena 46Nitin Saxena 46
Hello Everyone ,

I am new to salesforce and trying to fetch data using a Connected App and REST API . What I am not able to figure out is:-
- What is the difference between CLIENT_ID, CLIENT_SECRET, SECURITY_TOKEN  ?

I am following this trailhead link :- https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/modules/api_basics/api_basics_rest 

Trying using Node.js sample . The code uses SECURITY_TOKEN  , I am not able to figure it out anywhere in my Connected App .
Will be really thankfull if anyone can guide me through please .

Jatin AlwaniJatin Alwani
Hello everyone,
I have created a connected app and inserted it into my managed package from my developer org, I can see the consumer key and id in the org where I created the package but if I install my manage package in any other developer org I can't see consumer key and id, where can I find them?
It will be really helpful if anyone can guide me through this. 
Emil Doverlind 11Emil Doverlind 11
In Apps > App Manager on the right to your connected app click the arrow and select view.
Whitney Lee 2Whitney Lee 2
Is the 'Initial Access Token for Dynamic Client Registration' the same as the Consumer Secret?
Helena LiuHelena Liu

Hi I found that you cannot find your consume info in lightning page, but you can find it in classic page without recreating a new App.

please check the following link:


Sheetal GhelaniSheetal Ghelani
Here is the link you are looking for. https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=9060G000000I8HJQA0
Rajeev Kumar 274Rajeev Kumar 274
Click on App Manager on left navigation and find your created app in the list. In the row of your connected app there is dropdown in the extreme right and click on that and there is 1st link View. Click on view and you will get your app details what you are looking for. 
Vladimir TismaVladimir Tisma
Was it that hard to have an API integration page with the keys and scopes (speaking of scopes - I couldn't find a read-only one) in the first place? Most of people really do not need to understand how OAuth 2.0 works. We just want to pull some data!
Francielly Gomes 6Francielly Gomes 6
You can go to "Manage App", select your "Connected App" and then edit. By clicking on "Save" the credentials data will appear.
Jim CopelandJim Copeland


I did exactly that, and I do not have a consumer key listed in my app... I just want to authenticate to the API!