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Tim Miller 26Tim Miller 26 

Lightning Animations/motion

I want to do a Collapse and show of search criteria in a lightning component but I want to use lightning named motions:
https://lightningdesignsystem.com/guidelines/motion/ , How do I use the lightning named motions? or is there a good example to follow?
Jefferson FernandezJefferson Fernandez
Hi Tim,
Not all of the features you see on SLDS website have implementations. Some of them are guidelies only and some are being worked on already to be included on future releases. For now, you may have to be creative in looking for workarounds, like doing this thru 3rd party libraries..etc which will then be uploaded as static resource then load to it your components..etc. A helpful link would here: https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/98269/slds-motion-css-implementation-listed-anywhere