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Sreeraj JSreeraj J 

Process builder Is Changed Operator

I want to execute process builder action only when the opporunity owner changed from A to B and using the advance option of specific changes made to  the record. i do not want to execute action for any other change of the record but it is giving me error. Any Suggestions?
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ettore scudoettore scudo
you cannot use the ISCHANGED formula if you select the option you mentioned under advanced. If you just need the process to fire when the owner changes, deselect that checkbox and just keep the condition you have, it should work fine.
If you need instaead the process to fire only when the owner changes from a specific value to another specific value, you should use a formula like this:

PRIORVALUE([Opportunity].OwnerId) = 'your Old Owner id' &&
[Opportunity].OwnerId = 'your new owner ID'

Hope it helps
Surendhar Anugu 5Surendhar Anugu 5
Hi, I think you are creating process builder which is invoked by other process(Invokable), in that case "Is Changed" is not available to use. hope it helps
Matthew SaiMatthew Sai
Sreeraj - you can't select Is Changed as your operator if you've checked the Execute Actions Only When Specified Changes are Made to the Record checkbox. It breaks the logic of the criteria you are creating. Deselect the checkbox and set the field criteria using the Is changed Operator and your process builder should work as desired. 
Jacob Miller 30Jacob Miller 30
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Nilesh BambhaniyaNilesh Bambhaniya
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