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Candice Chu 19Candice Chu 19 

issues with process builder incrementing number

I have built out a process builder flow that triggers when a task is created and meets criteria. 

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It will then follow to update a custom field Dials on related object Opportunities that is defaulted as "0" to increment +1 if criteria met.

I successfully get the field to increment from 0 to 1 however cannot seem to get it to fire for 1 to 2.  

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I cannot use formula Dials + 1, since it's pulling from the Task field.

Any ideas how I can get this cross object logic to increment from 1 to 2 and so forth?  


Are you sure all the 5 conditions are met when you update for the 2nd time?
Candice Chu 19Candice Chu 19
Yes.  Not incrementing for some reason.  
Nicolas LebelNicolas Lebel
You have to include your field in the value: Dials + 1. Also default the value of Dials to 0. 
Jason Roche 8Jason Roche 8
I am dealing with the same issue. Using 'Dials + 1' will not work, because the Dials field is part of the Opportunity object. In my head, the logical way to do this would be '[Task].Opportunity.Dials + 1' but this throws errors like
The element has an invalid reference to "Task.Opportunity.Dials"

Any insight would be much appreciated.
Nick Sauer 9Nick Sauer 9
Cross-object (related) number field increment is working on my end.  Field default value must be set to 0, and then reference the field value prior to + 1.  For example, [ObjectA__c].ObjectBLookup__c.ObjectB_Field__c + 1.  Note this was not functioning prior to field default value being set to 0.
Jindřich ŠimáčekJindřich Šimáček
Has anybody successfully used the above mentioned cross-object formula?

I'm also dealing with this issue of incrementing a number field on the related object by Process builder. I'd very appreciate any help.:)
  • The process builder does not allow to save the formula in this format [ObjectA__c].ObjectBLookup__c.ObjectB_Field__c
  • but if I remove "ObjectB_", I'm getting the error below [ObjectA__c].ObjectBLookup__c.Field__c + 1

Process builder - Update activity
User-added image

Event creation error
User-added image

Flow Application Error
Find all Contact records where:
Id Equals {!myVariable_current.WhoId} (003O0000018kN1UIAU)
Update the records’ field values.
WiFiConnections__c = {!formula_2_myRule_1_A1_9140584109} (<null couldn't be resolved>)
Failed to update records that meet the filter criteria.
Error Occurred: The flow failed to access the value for myVariable_current.Who.WiFiConnections__c because it hasn't been set or assigned.

Jesse Twum-Boafo 11Jesse Twum-Boafo 11
I had almost the exact same problem and ended update having to use a flow to do this because Process Builder can't do the incrementing.

You can pass the Id of the record (WhatId) into the flow and do all your logic, incrementing, and updating there. In the end I found the flow to be a lot better because instead of incrementing, I did what I actually wanted to do - which is to count the number of tasks of a particular type related to an Opportunity.