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Issue in SharePoint to SFDC Integration.

Hi All,
We are integrating Salesforce and SharePoint Online.
The configuration is successful and brings the documents by connecting to external Data source/object(SharePoint) in Salesforce.
On clicking the Externalid which is a standard field in Salesforce, Its throwing error for image type of files. The error is 

"External Object Error
This data isn't available because the external system returned a record with a different External ID from what we requested. We expected external ID 0XC410000008RY6:item:L3NpdGVzL3NtYXJ0:12ba5700-1e29-4b4f-a286-f9b9b3b29165:9383c5c5-d7a9-4015-8060-bf93c039d1c6:16 but received 0XC410000008RY6:item:L3NpdGVzL1NtYXJ0:12ba5700-1e29-4b4f-a286-f9b9b3b29165:9383c5c5-d7a9-4015-8060-bf93c039d1c6:16. Contact your administrator for help.

I tried using reindexing Sharepoint site/documents, erasing and recreating external data source/external object but not working. Anyone stuck with same type of issue or solution.

Thanks in advance.
Maria AlexanderMaria Alexander
Hi Bro,

you have to register the share point app Info. using the share point consumer key. after that you can able to see the document name and document URL Download Link