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Matthew BracewellMatthew Bracewell 

Field isnt available for a roll up summary

Hi All,

I have a basic formula field in my child object:

Date__c <today(),Date__c >= (today()-365)),1,0)

This is basically looking at a record and looking if it is in the last 12 months and then showing a 1 or a 0. I have tried this with a true / false as well.

The formula works great and shows a 1 or 0 when it is within a 12 month period. However i now want to do a roll up summary to the parent object. However when i do a sum and go to chose this field as a roll up filter field it isnt there to choose? I cannot work out why as all my other Numeric formula fields are there and it doesnt reference any external objects...

Any ideas as i'm well and truly stumped

You can not create a rollup on formula field. But however, there is a workaround to it:

I am afraid that this workaround is not going to work in your case but you can hold on to it for the future reference.

Why formula field is not available in rollups?
Because formula field are not stored in database. You have also noticed that when formula changes on record then last modification date is not changed because there is no change in database. And this is also one of the reason you can not use formula field in workflow as well.

I would love to provide you a solution but gotta state the reality in this case my friend.