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Record Type on Custom button not working?

Have added the &RecordType text to the custom button URL to be placed within our Partner Community but it doesn't appear to be redirecting the Users to the correct Record type:


Have already checked the following
1) Record Type id is correct:

2) Profile has access to the specified Record Type:
User-added imagePlease see attached screenshot
Sagar PareekSagar Pareek
Hi Norah,
I think your button should use -
and you should remove

this should be done on both apex and configuration based buttons. Salesforce will prefix the domain automatically.

Example for configuration based buttons ( non apex ) -
  window.top.location = '/a0B/e?CF00N29000000evMm={!Properties__c.Name}&CF00N29000000evMm_lkid={!Properties__c.Id}&retURL=%2F{!Properties__c.Id}&RecordType=012290000000D6V';
The above example is not having any type of prefix.

Hi Sagar,

Have removed the part of the URL as you suggested but the link doesn' go anywhere when the button is pressed.