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Lorenzo PeregoLorenzo Perego 

Mass delete order, deactivate all

How can i make a mass Delete of orders?

The error is that i can't delete an active order, that's ok.

So the question is how can i deactivate multiple orders?
I tryed to change status like Status='a deactivated category status' but it doesn't work.

Thanks all

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NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Lorenzo,

Please find the below explanation.

Assign Order Permissions: From assign order permissions Edit Activated Orders Allows a user to edit orders, even if the orders were activated, and to deactivate orders. If a user doesn’t have this permission but has “Edit” on orders, the user can change orders only if they aren’t activated.

To expand in detail about deleting multiple orders:

If your edition of Salesforce supports data loader, you can use the same to mass delete orders. Data Loader is available for Enterprise edition and above.If you are on Professional edition, you can utilize dataloader.io a 3rd party tool and this free for up to 10000 records

Assuming you have the extract of the orders that you want to delete, the one and only field that is required is the Id field i.e. 15 digit Id of the order record.
If you do not have an extract of the orders, create a report and include the Id field in the report and then export the report, save the file in CSV format and perform delete operation using data loader.

Setup - Data Management - Data Loader (this is the Navigation path to Data Loader and if you do not find Data Loader under the Data Management section the Setup Menu then its a case that you are on an edition where data loader is not available

Hope this information helps.

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