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Keith StephensKeith Stephens 

Create Reports and Dashboards for Sales and Marketing Managers: Filter Your Reports

I am getting error that says Central and Eastern Target Accounts' report does not appear to have a filter where Prospect Rating equals 'Hot, Warm'. The filter does not give me option for Field: Prospect Rating?
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Hi Keith,
As I can see at the above screenshot that you have used custom field.Instead of it you need to add standard field named Rating and need to pick Hot, Cold and Warm values as per the below screens:

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I hope it will help you!!
Keith StephensKeith Stephens
Hi Karuna,
The standard field:Rating is not an available field for me. The only field I saw with rating in it is Account Rating, shouldn't Rating be an available field when I search in the dropdown?

Sampath Reddy 15Sampath Reddy 15
The 'Central and Eastern Target Accounts' report does not appear to have a filter where Rating equals 'Hot, Warm'.

The field Rating is not available in the Add column search , only showing Prospect Rating field  can any body help on this

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Jean CamaliontiJean Camalionti

Hello guys! I had the same problem, it happens because in a previous exercise you probably removed the visibility for this field! In order to solve that you need to access:

Object Manager > Account > Fields & Relationships > Rating > Set field-Level Security

And check "Visible", after that you will just have to reload your report and search for Rating again =)

Rating visibility

Aparna AgrawalAparna Agrawal
If there is no standard field "rating"  available in your playground, then use "Prospect rating" field for applying filter. It works for me.