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Sonia GenesseSonia Genesse 

Did package.xml overwrite from Sandbox to PROD using Eclipse Force.com IDE ?


Please help!

I updated one Trigger to Inactive in SBOX and in Eclipse Force.com IDE  as follows:

1. Trigger changed  to Inactive.
2. Saved the file.
3, Selected the two files the Trigger & Triger-meta.xml (Code and XML) using "Ctrl-click," and then right-clicked .
4. Selected Force.com | Deploy to server.
5. Provided my credentials for the Production org and follow the steps

The log is as follows, as you can see the *trigger-meta.xml failed because my Custom Pkg versions aren't the same in SBOX & PROD, 
BUT..... it  appears to have updated the package.xml this sounds like a PROBLEM ???

*** Deployment Log ***
Result: FAILED
Date: September 28, 2017 4:37:13 PM EDT
# Deployed From:
   Project name: Sandbox Trigger
   Username: sonia.genesse@ipgphotonics.com.ipgsandbox
   Endpoint: login.salesforce.com
# Deployed To:
   Username: sonia.genesse@ipgphotonics.com
   Endpoint: login.salesforce.com
# Deploy Results:
   File Name:    triggers/SVMX_WorkOrder_Trgr.trigger-meta.xml
   Full Name:  triggers/SVMX_WorkOrder_Trgr.trigger-meta.xml
   Action:  NO ACTION
   Result:  FAILED
   Problem: The specified Package Version number does not exist for that Package: SVMXC, 16.60000
   File Name:    package.xml
   Full Name:  package.xml
   Action:  UPDATED
   Result:  SUCCESS
   Problem: n/a
# Test Results:

Banwari kevat1Banwari kevat1
Update the version of package.xml. It should same as Triger-meta.xml.
Sonia GenesseSonia Genesse
Hi Barnwari

I'm not sure exactly what you mean?

If you look at the log the Triger-meta.xml failed though the package.xml. So did it update my PROD package.xml with the SBOX version?