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Vishal ShelarVishal Shelar 

You need to run the Lightning Experience Readiness Check for your org.

I am working on Lightning Rollout Specialist super badge and when I check for first challenge, I am recieving error as "
You need to run the Lightning Experience Readiness Check for your org." 
I did run the readiness check and I received email as" Lightning Experience Readiness Report isn't available
It's not you, it's us. We can't evaluate your features and customizations right now.
Please try again later" I tried again after long time but still same thing.

Did anyone faced this issue as well and what might be the case of this issue?

Thank you
Scott MeidrothScott Meidroth
I am also getting the same email "Your Lightning Experience Readiness Report Isn’t Available" I can't continue with the superbadge challenges until this works. Please advise!!!
Vishal ShelarVishal Shelar
Hey Scott The issue here is from salesforce side. I tried at night after many frustrating attempts all day and  it worked and received the report finally.
Chad Gerth 12Chad Gerth 12
That's... not good enough, Salesforce. This is still happening.
JD ChampagneJD Champagne
Yup, been happening to me for the past few days.  I come back and check periodically, still getting the same message.  In my case, I've run the readiness check and received the report, but it still doesn't register as completing the step.  I guess we're all just F'ed until Salesforce gets itself together, since there's absolutely no indication where to go to fix this or other workarounds.  Unacceptable.
Cherisse Taylor 31Cherisse Taylor 31
I've run the rediness check and received the email of the report, but I still get the error.  Anyone else having this problem?
Charmy Kundalia 7Charmy Kundalia 7
I've done the same.Got email. Getting same error