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Deanna Aaron 11Deanna Aaron 11 

Auto update an address to reflect the correct P.O. Box format


I want the billing street field to update "P.O. Box" if it is incorrectly formatted-- Similarly to how the phone number field auto-updates to the correct format (xxx)xxx-xxxx.

Background: As a nonprofilt, donors enter their information on our website and these records push to Salesforce as Opportunities.

We want the data in Salesforce to be consistent. Is there a formula I could use in a workflow to say:

IF the "Street Address" field contains...

PO Box 
Po Box
P.o. Box
po box
p.o. box
po Box
p.o. Box

(OR in between each)

THEN update to "P.O. Box"? That said, I don't want the address to get overwritten from
po box 1322 to P.O. Box

We somehow have to maintain the remaining numbers. Also, if there's a way I can apply this to other address names, that would be very handy. Example: st to St.

Challenge: If someone has "st" in the street name, it'll update incorrectly -- red star lane > red St.ar lane. Could I use the criteria of (SPACE)St(Space) - this way it won't change a word containing "st"

Thank you for your help.
Hi Deanna

Apart from the PO box number what else might also be present in the billing street field?